Use Any In Game Structure You Can Find As A Custom Static Item,Place It Anywhere You Want :)

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BepInEx-BepInExPack_IL2CPP-6.0.667 icon

BepInEx pack for IL2CPP Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 6.0.667


Allows Using Basically Any Static Mesh As A Static Base Or Other Item.Spawn Any Mesh On The Map At Startup. Move Objects At Runtime,Save And Load .(Use Editor settings in config To Find The Object Name Then Use The Example File "MapGroupPos" In SOTF AppData .The File Will Be Created When You Run The Game After Installing The Mod.Remove The Example Text Between And Including //Remove thisText// Change The Name And Other Settings As You Please , While Editor Settings Are Enabled , The Controls Are As Follows ->

Left Click - Grab Middle Mouse - Clone While Holding An Item,Middle Mouse Scroll To Rotate Change Rotation Axis By Pressing X , Y, Or Z. While Holding An Item , Press Q, Or E to Raise Or Lower The Item . Shift + S to Save This Item To the Log (Copy Paste To The MapGroupPos.Cfg To Load) Shift + R To Reload The Item From MapGroupPos.Cfg At Runtime(Testing If This Item Will Load Correctly Before Disable Editor Settings)

Editor Settings Disabled True If You Are Done Editing And Want To Just Load The Custom Objects. Note The Object Is Tied To The Original Object LOD For Now . Taking It Too Far From The Original Position Will Cause It Not To Load .Working On A Fix . I Hope You Enjoy . Any Questions Contact GAMEBR0VIP#2462 AGAIN CHECK YOUR APPDATA AFTER RUNNING ONCE!. :) Tutorial -> (Kind Of Out Dated But Still Basic Use) Requires BepInEx IL2CPP


  1. Download BepInEx from the link above
  2. Drag contents of the BepInEx zip file into Sons of the Forest game directory (right click in steam > browse local files)
  3. Open drag dll into the base game directory-> BepInEx -> Plugins
  4. Enjoy!

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