Mods uploaded by zz0000

Huge thanks to AlexTheBaba for help and Adidasaurus for the code required for the realtime bullet removal. The ASP pistol. 7 round mag with a transparent handle to see the bullets being removed from the magazine in real time.
Last updated: 3 weeks ago
Trample Steam
The Trample Steam from Black Ops 2 remade in Boneworks. Huge thanks to Riggle and AlexTheBaba for helping me with joints and animations.
Last updated: a month ago
Metal Gun
The original (before darkswitchpro's) metal board gun. Boards shot are made out of metal, are wider, and are impossible to disconnect. Do not attach boards to yourself.
Last updated: 3 months ago
William Blazkowicz
Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein II the New Colossus. It uses ford's hands since the original model's hands are bad looking (you'll thank me later!
Last updated: 4 months ago
CZ75 Phantom
The CZ75 Phantom. Holds 20 rounds, medium damage. Update 1 - Added 'tactical' version with a laser sight, holo sight, and silencer.
Last updated: 10 months ago
Heavy Cannon
A large cannon that has considerable knockback and recoil. Has infinite ammo. PLEASE read the readme. Video included.
Last updated: 11 months ago
GDC 2018 MK18
A recreation of safety steve's mk18. It has a laser sight, miscolored foregrip(like in the video) and a c-clamp grip (By Tomme150). Image gallery -
Last updated: a year ago
Promo Art Ford Playermodel
(TEXTURES BY LAD) This is basically just a reskin with an extra mesh attached to it. Based off of the promotional art ford wearing a blue vest and black clothes.
Last updated: a year ago
An AKM. Assault rifle that holds 30 rounds. (Update) Made bolt not lock back after last round.
Last updated: a year ago
Kukri Machete
A kukri machete. This is my first ever melee weapon so don't expect it to be perfect. It reminds me of the machete from Far Cry 4.
Last updated: a year ago
Large Directional Lamp
Large work lamp for custom weapon makers to use for weapon showcases.
Last updated: a year ago
Concept Art MK18
(TEXTURES BY CAMOBIWON) This is a recreation of the mk18 seen in the BONEWORKS steam banner image. It sports glowing green sights and an angled grip, as well as a black paintjob.
Last updated: a year ago