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Counter Strike Source Arms

This is a port of the arms model from Counter-Strike: Source

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Counter-Strike: Source Arms

These are the iconic arms from Counter-Strike: Source ported to BONEWORKS. Textures have been upscaled 4x using Gigapixel AI (hands/arm texture from 1024x512 to 4096x2048, sleeves texture from 1024x1024 to 4096x4096)

The pinkies on both hands are a little messy; I don't know what caused this, they looked perfectly fine in Unity and Blender. I've noticed the same thing with other mods, though, like my Metrocop mod.

I'm still working on the gm_freespace13 port, it's obviously taking longer because of the fact I need to dedicate time to leave my computer baking lights for it, so I can do light probes, reflection probes, then bake lighting again and upload it.

Thanks to: CK, adamdev, and probably more that I have forgotten to mention (I apologize)

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