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Ovvy The Protogen

Here's a protogen playermodel for BONEWORKS, I like to call him Ovvy.

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Player model swapper for Boneworks

Preferred version: 1.3.3


Well, some basic stuff to know about them is that they've got some extra fur on their chest, making them ideal for whatever the hell you're about to do with him! oh, and he's just slightly toned. They've got a beeg tail too! He's very eager to be here aswell! just look at that expression on his face! (it just NEVER changes!)

comes with 2 .body files, one with a head for third-person camera shots, and one with no head for regular gameplay. finges r possib ly jus a tewny weny bit clippy.. lawel Credits : @Nukude on twitter for the protogen base n stuff Bungie / Microsoft - Grunt Voicelines (lawl)

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