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Dead space pack

A pack of weapons and npcs from the dead space games. please read desc to see whats included.

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This is a pack containing weapons and npcs from the dead space series. it currently contains:

the plasma cutter, line gun and pulse rifle. (the plasma cutter has both ds1 and ds2 versions.) the plasma cutters can be rotated. this can be done by pressing buttons on the top backs of the guns. one buttons rotates sideways, the other rotates back to straight; it must be done in a specific order. all weapons except for the ds2 plasma cutter have targeting lasers that turn on when grabbed. weapons are infinite ammo, i would have made them reloadable but because of how the guns work it would have been very hard.

the pack also contains about 6 npcs: two twitchers, isaac clark, advanced soldier, hallucination nicole, and a slasher.

its worth noting that some of the npcs have slight stretching issues with the skin; this is just how the models were made. if i ever find a fix i might update the pack, but its a pretty minor issue. also the twitchers are a normal walking speed it turns out making an enemy that goes 300 mph is not a good idea in a physics based game.

all npcs are hostile, and attack on sight.

if you have any feedback, or want to talk to me for any reason, dont hesitate to message me at Breadstickler#9714 (discord).

hope you enjoy! i may update this pack later.

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