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Mankind is dead. Blood is fuel. Hell is full.

By Nyrif
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This mod requires the following mods to function

gnonme-ModThatIsNotMod-0.2.5 icon

A mod for loading in custom items, making life easier for other mod creators, and a whole lot more.

Preferred version: 0.2.5
TrevTV-AudioReplacer-1.3.0 icon

An easy way to replace in-game audio without using UABE

Preferred version: 1.3.0


ULTRAKILL Music Replacement

Replaces some of the BONEWORKS songs with ULTRAKILL songs.

Songs Used:

  • Versus
  • Take Care
  • The Cyber Grind
  • The Fire Is Gone
  • Divine Intervention
  • Unstoppable Force
  • Cerberus
  • A Shattered Illusion
  • Panic Betrayer
  • Clair de Lune
  • Duel
  • Order
  • Castle Vein
  • Cerberus
  • A Thousand Greetings

Sounds Replaced:

  • Falling Sounds
  • Punch Sounds
  • Falling Impact Sounds

I might later add some ULTRAKILL sounds too, such as V1's falling noise and the laughing when you die. Maybe even the gun sounds.

Requires the Audio Replacer mod. Place the UserData folder in the folder the BONEWORKS executable is in.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-1-26 3.0.0 1972 Version 3.0.0 Install
2022-1-12 2.0.5 440 Version 2.0.5 Install
2022-1-2 2.0.0 364 Version 2.0.0 Install
2022-1-2 1.0.0 81 Version 1.0.0 Install