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John wick

Contains the Fortnite John Wick player model.

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Hi, I know there hasn't been a John wick playermodel out there for Boneworks or at least not that I know of. SO me and a friend decided to work together to make one. I sourced the models and sutff/info. He did the modeling. He deserves more credit than me to be honest. He said he doesn't care if he takes the credit not, but I will still credit him here. Big shout out to Dimo.

Credit: Dimo#2903 MrFawkes!#1119

Also file goes into PlayerModels folder in your userdata folder in the Boneworks game directory.

Example: [what ever drive you use] C:\Steam\steamapps\common\BONEWORKS\BONEWORKS\UserData\PlayerModels

any ways I hope you enjoy and Have a great one. Also Subscribe to Mr.Fawkes!.

Also There is only one varient at the moment. There may be more in the future!

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