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Vietnamese Pack

Features a LOT of guns and 2 npc's, read description for more info

By Jass
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A mod for loading in custom items, making life easier for other mod creators, and a whole lot more.

Preferred version: 0.2.8


Vietnamese pack

They're in the trees

I'm high on Paint it black spirit

New feature! On the Ka-Bar knife, press trigger to flip it around, like in TWD Saints & Sinners or Blade and Sorcery.

Bayonets! The M14, AKM, and M16's have bayonet's, to turn them on/off, grip under the barrel (where the bayonets would be) and press trigger.

All of the guns below, it's equal (except for the semi-auto rifles) for both US side and Vietnamese side, the npc's feature both a hostile version and a friendly version, the M16A2 has two versions, one with a 30 round mag and one with a realistic, 20 round mag.

the LMG's are unreloadable, and hey, it's fun to just shoot a million bullets without stopping

The M14 and Makarov have the Mag Eject button's disabled, for it to be accurate, the AKM doesn't have it disabled but only because you can reload it in a cool way using the button and pushing the mag with another mag.

Also highly recommend using the NoDeathAnimations mod by NotEnoughProtons, makes shootin a lot more satisfying https://boneworks.thunderstore.io/package/NotEnoughPhotons/NoDeathAnimations/




Semi-auto rifles (the SKS is not done yet, I will probably update the pack with it.)


Knife, flippable, press trigger when holding

NPC's, both have a hostile and friendly version

would love if you could give feedback, Jass#4851


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