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Jass Unrelased Mods

Most of my unreleased mods since Bonelab is coming out, look in the description for details, stalker pack guns, random shit, etc

By Jass
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A mod for loading in custom items, making life easier for other mod creators, and a whole lot more.

Preferred version: 0.3.6


Jass Unreleased Mods

Bonelab is coming out in 1 hour

some of these are bugged

No images, not a lot of explanation, just my shit, some mods have bugs and some are wonky, dont really care, not time for fixing it up

Some are from the stalker pack, because we're gonna redo it in Bonelab

The shotguns use the wonky pump shotgun technique, which means there's two grips on the pump, one for pumping, one for shooting, also spawn the shotgun once and then spawn another one, then delete the first one, for some reason all shotguns on first spawn have a bugged pump


  • Mossberg 590

  • Mac 10

  • Binoculars (not a gun but ok)

  • P226 + Suppressed

  • AR15 With da drum

  • Flamethrower (real!)

  • Glock19x Black

  • M27D (futuristic thing)

  • Machete with flipping

  • AK74M

  • MP18

  • MP43 Double Barreled Shotgun

  • Benelli M4

  • Mossberg Wooden and Mossberg Black

  • S&W 66

  • Wooden Hatchet

Also highly recommend using the NoDeathAnimations mod by NotEnoughProtons, makes shootin a lot more satisfying https://boneworks.thunderstore.io/package/NotEnoughPhotons/NoDeathAnimations/

would love if you could give feedback (not really this is a copypaste and random mods), Jass#4851


  • initial release

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