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Colt Cobra

revolver go yee haw, pretty much redone, all bugs fixed, and also has a version with single bullet loading.

By Jass
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Colt King Cobra

~~Yee Fucking Haw

I did this in two hours and its 10x better than my Taurus RT85 that I made in 2 days

yes I'm addicted to making mods, thats good for you tho I guess?

uses MW2019 .357 sounds

you can eject the bullets now by pressing the mag eject button, thats something that you cant do on I think all revolvers that exist right now

Named Colt King Cobra and Colt King Cobra SL in the utility gun

OH also it doesnt have the firepoint bug so it actually functions normally now ^^

Only bug is ammo clipping but I dont know how to fix that without messing the whole gun up like the Taurus~~

This shit was like literally redone, new materials, new sounds, bullet's don't clip, and also has a single loading version, the reason why I'm posting this is because I haven't posted in a while due to making the STALKER pack, so here you go.

Named Colt King Cobra and Colt King Cobra SL in the utility gun

would love if you could give feedback, Jass#4851


  • initial release


  • completely redone, you can check it out yourself, trust me it's better.

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