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Infinite Arena A02 by Guesscui

moving, jumping and shooting in an arena-sized map to survive endless waves of omni projector soldiers

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The Infinite Arena maps are designed to bring Run-N-Gun gameplay style to its max in VR - utilizing more advanced movements and a bit parkour elements while you moving and aiming and shooting


  • moving, jumping and shooting in an arena-sized map to survive endless waves of omni projector soldiers.

  • recommended for experienced Boneworks players.

  • enemies will start spawning as you move through the map and things will get intense pretty soon.

  • the map works best as you develop a sense of flow and maintain a good momentum and it's probably the most enjoyable way to play.

  • this is a pure fun project of my own, optimal performance can't be promised, lower tier of cards might find some difficulties running the map.

  • occasionally some enemies will stuck in a loop of spawning repeatedly, killing them several times or move away can fix the issue.

  • some objects don't have any collision on purpose to maintain a good flow of navigation.



Yuan Cui (myself) with varies free models from Turbosquid ( and CG trader (

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