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GM_CONSTRUCT From Garry's Mod, Change day time! I plan on continuing adding more features, Utilities, and more!

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Custom map loader for BONEWORKS

Preferred version: 1.8.0


This project is NOT complete!

Yes everything from the original map is there, but I plan on continuing adding more features, Utilities, and more!

GM_CONSTRUCT From Garry's Mod

• Features a time control from Day, Noon, and Night! • Spawnable Gravity gun • Spawnable Explosive Barrel • PHYSICS WATER WAVES! AND MORE TO COME!

Comes with a Custom Loading Screen!

Whats currently planned

• I plan on making water you can float in, currently you fall in and dont float back up. • More spawnables • More map tweaks DM me suggestions!

I Take Suggestions!

Best way to leave a suggestion is in my discord servers '#content-suggestions' chat, so I can have all suggestions in one place! httpsdiscord.ggz5njGDV

Check out my other content!

YouTube httpswww.youtube.comcDarkSwitchPro Twitch httpswww.twitch.tvDarkSwitchProYT TikTok httpswww.tiktok.com@darkswitchpro

If there are any problems, please let me know.

Enjoy 3

https://imgur.com/6vW3M50 https://imgur.com/MiXL68o https://imgur.com/nrou7KW

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