my rom! do not check the corners please

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navmeshes barely work

Update 1.1

Fixed Navmeshes, made floor material much better, hopefully made lighting less flat (probably not)

Update 1.5

The bed is removed following an large-scale industrial incident as well as half of the room

I still don't know muh about lighting so i paired baked lights along with valve realtime lights so they may look good

Update 2.0

Following some terrible financial decisions there is no more decorations but the whole place is expanded

the navmeshes are broken again... what happened

Update 2.1.0

Fixed Reflection Probes

Added Wall Trim

Fixed Navmeshes

Update 3.0.0

Thank you oragani!!

He came to my house and shot me and destroyed my pc but he was also kind enough to redo the materials and lighting, in a variant, "Apartment.cma"

Thank you parsec too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2022-1-10 1.1.0 150 Version 1.1.0 Install
2022-1-10 1.0.0 53 Version 1.0.0 Install